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Training - New Registration System

Revised: 11/29/18
Registration Videos


Pre and Co Reqs

A video that demonstrates how to add corequisite and prerequisite courses and the possible errors a user might see and how to overcome those errors.


Registration: Waitlist

A video that demonstrates how to be add yourself to a course's waitlist and how to drop a course's waitlist.

Waitlist Video
Registration: Changing Grade ModeA video that demonstrates how to change a course's grade mode.Changing Grade Mode Video
Registration: Changing Credit HoursA video that demonstrates how to change the number of credit hours per course (if applicable).Changing Credit Hours Video


A video that gives the user a tour of the Registration application. This video demonstrates accessing registration, class search, check registration status and holds, registering for classes, searching for classes, adding classes from class search, adding classes using CRNs, dropping classes, and reviewing your schedule.

Registration Documentation


User Guide

The user guide provided navigates the following in the Registration application: Logging In, Checking Your Registration Status, Searching For A Class, Registering For A Class, Dropping A Class, View Schedule. and Adding Yourself To A Waitlist.
User Guide

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